Save on Materials (be flexible)!

Just like most things many of our substrates have “name” brands and “generic” brands, which often have similar or identical properties, but not similar or identical prices. If name brands are not a requirement on your project, let us know, and we might be able to recommend a suitable alternative at a considerable savings, without sacrificing performance and quality.

See more of our cost saving tips.

Film Run Down: Mylar/Polyester

Mylar is the brand name for polyester. It comes in sheet or roll form and is very stable. It’s resistant to stretch, shrinking, chemicals, abrasions, tearing and heat and it also acts as an insulator. Mylar is not treated with plasticizers, which helps it to not become brittle and wear with age. This makes it the best option for industrial applications. These properties are further enhanced when combined with a polyester laminate. We recommend polyesters for warning and safety labels. We have a variety of finishes available: white (gloss and matte), silver (gloss, brushed and matte), silver tamper evident (void), clear, gold, computer printable. Thickness ranges from 1-10 mil, with or without adhesive, which can be customized to suit the surface.

Check out our materials page to see more.

Stay tuned for more information on our products, and feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

T-Shirts Coming Soon!

We're gearing up our T-Shirt Production!

Small thermal transfer runs are ready to go and larger silk screen lines are nearly online.

Let us know if you're in the market for some custom tees.

Prototyping, is it for You?

Screen printing is the best method for high quality, durable products. It is the cleanest, most consistent way to accurately lay down thick rich colors. However, with multiple colors and short runs of low quantities can be labor intensive. 

Likewise, die-cutting is top choice for clean and precisely cut products, but tooling for short runs with complex cuts can be uneconomical. 

GOOD NEWS! Gloucester Graphics has refined our prototyping process to help you save on low runs of products, especially for prototypes with lower tolerance requirements.

We can digitally print, laminate and cut labels and decals, without new tooling. Even with products that aren't kiss cut, like graphic overlays, we can digitally print, laminate and laser cut them to your prototype specs.

Next time your project requires a short run let us know if you'd consider protyping.

Mark Your Fleet With Gloucester Graphics

Let Gloucester Graphics make your company's name known with custom vehicle markings!

Magnetic Sheet, cut to shape, digital or screen printed. Easy to install, remove and durable.

Temporary, removable adhesive graphic decals.

Long lasting weather resistant UV laminated decals.

High performance computer cut graphics.

Our super-clean indoor installation area is large enough to accommodate a 53' tractor trailer or full size bus!

See some of our work in our Digital Product Gallery.

Ask us about fleet markings today!

Save on tooling (keep it simple)!

Tooling costs can add $50-200 (or more) to an order depending on the complexity of the part.

We can help you save!

Reuse! We have a database of over 4,000 dies that we will use for free whenever we can! Let us know if your sizing is flexible.

Simplify if possible. The complexity of the cut adds cost! Standardize custom parts to use the same dies.

Not all parts are created equally, some parts don't need to be cut within thousandths of an inch. If you don't need precision, we may be able to power cut your parts (and even round the corners) for free.

Next time you need a quote ask us how you can save on tooling!